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VANCOUVER - The BC government failed to act decisively when told that dikes in one of the cities hit hardest by the November 2021 floods were at risk of failing due to years of neglect, new research by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC shows.
Browse the latest edition of The Monitor online here When it comes to the climate crisis, urgency seems to fall on deaf ears. We turn to the government to guide us and implement policies that will combat climate change, but governments at all levels are failing us.
Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press August 15, 2023
Click here to read the full report Don’t Wait for the State: A blueprint for grassroots climate transitions in Canada offers a framework for communities to organize around the idea of an inclusive and productive transition to a cleaner local economy.
The HEHN project documented first-hand experiences of Winnipeg residents in inner city and mature neighbourhoods who live near industrial and contaminated sites, most notably in Point Douglas and St. Boniface, in Winnipeg, 2023.
Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press February 24, 2023  
The Convoy that took over Ottawa for a month last year just met outside Winnipeg this past weekend. While the right to protest is an essential part of our democracy, it is important to look critically at this movement that has harboured white supremacist, libertarian and in some cases even fascist beliefs.  These ideas have originated most recently in the USA, but have a long and odious history elsewhere in the world.
Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Dec. 1, 2022
BC's severe climate events in 2021 cost the province's economy billions more than widely reported estimates.