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The Transition from school to adult life is often a stressful period as young adults face a multitude of changes and role transitions in education, employment, independent living, and social relationships. For young adult persons with disabilities (PwDs), the transition to adult life is particularly complex because in addition to role transitions, they often face unique challenges, which include the need to access, maintain, and coordinate services and support from caregivers, community, and service providers.  Read full report above.
 VANCOUVER — The 150th anniversary of British Columbia joining Canada arrives at a time when people and institutions are being asked to reckon with the foundational impacts of racism in our society. Challenging Racist British Columbia: 150 Years and Counting, is a new publication examining the long history of racist policies that have impacted Indigenous, Black and racialized communities in the province over those 150 years, tying those histories to present day anti-racist movements. 
  Reviewed in this article:  Bigger than Bernie: How We Go from the Sanders Campaign to Democratic SocialismMeagan Day and Micah UetrichtVerso (March 2020), $33.95 Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe BidenBranko MarceticVerso, January 2020), $25.95 ***
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press June 22, 2020 On April 15th, after the province went into lockdown, the Conservatives tried to pass Bill 44 the Public Utilities Ratepayer Protection and Regulatory Reform Act in an emergency sitting of the legislature.   The Bill introduces significant changes to the Public Utilities Board Act, the Manitoba Hydro Act, the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act and the City of Winnipeg Charter.
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Photo by Hugo Morales, Wikimedia Commons
Dr. John Loxley will be honoured at the 8th Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues Brunch on November 3, 2019. Every year the committee chooses an honouree who exemplifies the spirit and beliefs of Errol Black - life-long social activist, labour supporter, economics professor and Brandon city councillor. Errol would be proud to know that his friend John, who shares Errol’s values and aspirations, had been chosen.