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Thanks to the hard work of Manitoba Teachers, School Trustees. activists, and opposition parties, the hated Bill 64 is dead along with four other bad bills. However, what about Bill 71, The Education Property Tax Reduction Act, which is now law and very much alive?  That bill was meant as the financial companion to Bill 64, and was based on the assumption that Bill 64 would become law.
The enrolment and related funding conditions facing Northern universities and Faculties of Arts raise fundamental questions about Ontario’s market-oriented, tuition-fee dependent provision system for university education in hinterland-colonial conditions such of those of Northern Ontario. The report examines the changes in the government funding model for such post-secondary institutions and their gradual decline over time. 
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press July 7, 2021 Manitoba property owners just received a large cheque in the mail from the provincial Minister of Finance. Why this money and why now? Under the cover of the third wave of COVID, the Manitoba government made the largest single revenue cut in the province’s history by slashing the Education Property Tax. This massive cut benefits those least impacted by COVID while starving the public purse.
Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press May 25, 2021
Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press on Wednesday May 12, 2021
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press Friday May 7, 2021
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press April 23, 2021 A teacher hands a child his report card in the morning, and intervenes in a child’s bullying in the afternoon --- a few hours later, their parents tell the principal if that teacher’s career should continue.  Bill 64 creates that scenario, in 84 (3)(e) which gives parents on a school community council the power to “make recommendations respecting the need to evaluate the performance of any person employed at the school.”  Anyone have a problem with that situation? 
One of the books I ordered after George Floyd was killed is called ‘Anti-Racist Baby’, by Ibram X. Kendi. It is a list of actions parents can take to teach their kids to be anti-racist. The third point in the book is ‘Point at policies as the problem, not people’. So, here we go. Let’s point at a proposed policy. It’s easy to get lost in all the problematic aspects of Bill 64, especially as a  teacher. It becomes a ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ situation.