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Watch the video below and click here to visit CCPA-Ontario's Working For A Living website—a storytelling project to convey the value of a decent minimum wage and a living wage. 
As part of CCPA-MB'S Supporter Drive, economist Jim Stanford, currently living in Australia, joined Lynne Fernandez in an interactive video platform to talk about Economics for Everyone.  
The authors of "A Living Wage for Regina" discuss the Living Wage with the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of Regina. View the discussion here: The Living Wage
What do young people think of inner-city Winnipeg? Sixteen youth from two community-based organizations have been trained as photojournalists to tell the stories of what they like and don't like about their inner-city neighbourhoods.These young people's photos and accompanying narrative form the heart of CCPA-MB's 2013 State of the Inner City Report.
Graduating from high school is a rite of passage, but for students at risk, high school can be an oppressive and intimidating place. Programs like the Gordon Bell Senior Off Campus program (GBSOC) however, offer an alternative to the mainstream school system, allowing students to work at their own pace, away from the barriers they experience in the mainstream system. To better understand these dynamics, the CCPA worked with five at risk students in the GBSOC program, and made a film about their experiences. Film by Carole O'Brien.
In 2012, the BC Ombudsperson made 140 recommendations to the Ministry of Health to improve seniors care by fixing BC’s home and community health care system. How has the government responded? They’ve implemented just 6% of the recommendations and ignored most of the rest. But not only do seniors deserve quality home and community care, it also keeps seniors out of hospital, which saves money and improves health care for everyone.
CCPA Senior Economist David Macdonald gives a presentation to the government's Standing Committee on Finance during their 2013 pre-budget consultations. 
In July 2013, Erika Shaker, Director of CCPA's Education Project, was invited to deliver a lecture at the 2013 Summer Institute—an intensive, two-week, interdisciplinary workshop that invites undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral fellows or doctoral recipients with an interest in youth-related research to work collaboratively with major researchers and public intellectuals to generate new scholarship and innovative modes of public communication related to the research theme.
Darrell Chippeway together with film maker Darryl Nepinak interview key Aboriginal leaders regarding the formation of many key Aboriginal organizations in Winnipeg.  
On Thursday September 26th, the Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives presented a night with former Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) Kevin Page at the University of Regina. Mr. Page reflects on his tenure as the first PBO in Canada and the identifies the obstacles and challenges that his office faced daily in its attempt to offer Canadians a level of fiscal transparency from its government that has yet to be matched.