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The Enbridge pipeline isn't BC's only major environmental threat. Find out how the provincial Natural Gas Strategy (including fracking) makes it impossible for us to meet our legislated greenhouse gas reduction targets. Why is the BC government breaking its own law? Check out the open letter calling on BC political parties to commit to obeying legislated GHG targets.
Bob Allen: Global Economic History -- A Very Short Introduction, Clip 1 of 4
BYB#3_BC in 2040: A Story by Marc Lee
This summer, the CCPA's Saskatchewan Office held a unique citizens' conference on the future of medicare in Canada. Envisioning the Future of Medicare brought together some of the leading experts on public healthcare in the province, such as Dr. Ryan Meili, Dr. William Albritton and Dr. John Bury, among others. This video captures their thoughts on what is required to sustain and expand public healthcare for all Canadians.
On October 28, just over one week before Errol Black passed away,  CCPA-MB organized a fundrasing brunch at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg in support of the Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues.  Thanks to the Hotel for their generous donation we were able to raise a substantial contribution towards the Chair.  Paul Moist, CUPE National President, was the main speaker for the event.  Errol's life is a inspiration to Paul and to all in room.  Watch the complete speech below.
On October 13th, 2012, CCPA's Manitoba Office facilitated an intergenerational learning and youth exchange at Thunderbird House in Winnipeg. In attendance were four elders and 30 students from Community Education Development Association's (CEDA) Pathways to Education program, College Beliveau, and Grant Park High School. The idea was to bring together people who would otherwise not meet in person, to share ideas, and talk about things that are often not talked about openly in Winnipeg.
CCPA-Ontario Director Trish Hennessy summarized the "Ontario 2013: Toward a Post-Austerity Vision" core message in this two-minute video blog, originally posted on
CCPA economist Hugh Mackenzie schooled the room on the manufactured deficit crisis at the "Ontario 2013: Toward a Post-Austerity Vision" session. Challenging the Numbers - Hugh Mackenzie
CAW economist Jim Stanford, the CCPA-Ontario's Advisory Board chair, showed how the austerity response to the 2008 recession has negative side effects on the economy and contributes to the weakness in Ontario's labour market at the "Ontario 2013: Toward a Post-Austerity Vision" session.
On October 4th, the CCPA proudly hosted the 2012 David Lewis Lecture, a series that examines the future of democracy in Canada. This year’s lecture featuredGeneration Now—four emerging voices on the Canadian political landscape: Vancouver's Emma Pullman (SumOfUs) and Jamie Biggar (Leadnow), and activists Brigette DePape and Ben Powless. Watch the full 2012 David Lewis Lecture here: