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Great news! Vancity has announced that it is now officially a living wage employer, committed to paying its employees a living wage, as calculated by the CCPA. In Vancouver in 2011, this is $18.81 an hour. Congratulations to the Living Wage for Families campaign! For details, see the Vancity news release.
CCPA Senior Economist Armine Yalnizyan gets up close and personal in this pivotal lecture on income inequality and democracy. Watch the TVO video of the lecture, which was produced in collaboration with the Literary Review of Canada.
Transportation Transformation
Budgets are about choices, they reflect a government's values and priorities. With a $250 billion federal budget, the Harper Government could choose to invest in programs like universal child care or pharmacare... or spend that money on corporate tax cuts, prisons, and fighter jets. We've created a video to help illustrate the choices between this and that. Which would you choose? Watch the video below:
Five reasons to stop the corporate tax cut
The Remaining Light is a documentary film that journeys through an often invisible part of Canada's health care system -- the community-based services that provide care to seniors as they age and die. The film features the stories of seniors and their families, and explores themes related to dignity, preventing illness and social isolation, and keeping health care costs under control as the boomer generation ages. The Remaining Light is set in BC, where the province's Ombudsperson is carrying out an investigation into a fragmented and underfunded system of seniors care.
The CCPA was pleased to co-sponsor a three-city lecture tour featuring Richard Wilkinson, co-author of the best selling book The Spirit Level, which examines income inequality among developed nations. During his stop in Toronto, he sat down with the CCPA's Trish Hennessy to talk about the book.
On November 18, 2010 CCPA celebrated its 30th anniversary with a conference entitled Advancing Democracy and Social Justice in Canada: The Next 30 Years. Click on the speakers below to watch their talk. Session One: The Erosion of Democracy and Equality in Canada: What to Do