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On November 18, 2010 CCPA celebrated its 30th anniversary with a conference entitled Advancing Democracy and Social Justice in Canada: The Next 30 Years. Click on the speakers below to watch their talk. Session One: The Erosion of Democracy and Equality in Canada: What to Do
 Ed Broadbent, one of Canada’s most respected progressive sages, sat down with the CCPA’s Trish Hennessy to talk about the Canada he grew up in and how it’s changed over his lifetime. During this candid conversation -- in Mr. Broadbent’s own Ottawa backyard -- he reflects on the profound shift away from equality. When he was growing up, he says, “the name of the game was to have more and more equality.” It was an unstated assumption, and it was accepted by all the leaders of the main political parties when he was first elected to Parliament.
Democracy and the power of voting
In the policy milieu of the Maritimes, the Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is showing itself to be a crucial progressive voice, by providing a viable alternative to austerity measures that target the most vulnerable.  Watch these prominent Nova Scotians and CCPA stakeholders give their account on what the CCPA-NS means to them.
Canadians are being told that public health care financing is not sustainable, and that the solution is a shift to more private health insurance and private delivery of services. Renowned pollster Nik Nanos reviews the numbers, and Canada's pre-eminent health economist, Dr. Robert G. Evans, presents the facts and the myths. This session took place on Parliament Hill as a morning breakfast lecture for Members of Parliament, on June 17th, 2010, and was sponsored by the CCPA and the Canadian Health Coalition. For further material on the subject, see:
On February 25, 2010, Naomi Klein gave a lecture on the issue of climate debt, organized by the CCPA. This was the first in a series of lectures in honour of David Lewis (1909-1981), a leading labour lawyer, life-long social democrat, a founder of the NDP and its national leader from 1970 to 1975. His grandson Avi Lewis introduced the lecture series. The lecture series will focus on issues that were important to David Lewis: social democracy, organized labour, and income inequality.
 On November 18th, 2009, in Ottawa, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Canadian Labour Congress held an event entitled "Recession, Recovery and Transformation: Meeting the policy challenges of our time." The session was filmed by CPAC, and are available through the links below.
In Nov. of 2009, the Nova Scotia office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives hosted a conference in Halifax, named "Visioning Nova Scotia in 2020: Advancing research and policy for sustainability". Its purpose was to identify the key issues facing the province, and envision the kind of policy decisions that would help solve those problems. In this clip, Christine Saulnier, Director of the CCPA-NS office, introduces the conference. Mountain pine beetle attacks have decimated BC’s pine forests, seriously damaging their ability to store carbon and protect against global warming. An effective response to the beetle attacks will involve much more than just clearcutting dead trees.
The income gap between the rich and the rest keeps growing, in good times and in bad. Learn more about it in this video. Canada's Growing Gap