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The "Beyond Neoliberalism" workshop in Ottawa on October 30, 2019 was co-organized by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Trade Justice Network and Institute for Policy Studies, with support from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung-New York.
On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, the CCPA held its fourth annual telephone town hall, which enabled us to engage in a live, interactive dialogue with almost 3,000 of our supporters from coast to coast, and from the comfort of their own homes. CCPA supporters joined us from around the country, as Executive Director, Peter Bleyer, hosted a lively discussion with CCPA economists and researchers, including David Macdonald, Trish Hennessey, Erika Shaker, Scott Sinclair, Sheila Block, Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood and Monitor editor, Stuart Trew. 
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Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was completed in December 2015. Indigenous activist Clayton Thomas-Muller joins us to discuss reconciliation and its implications, particularly in the context of continued resource extraction on Indigenous lands.  Clayton Thomas-Muller is the Stop It at the Source campaigner with
Following the Paris climate summit last year -- and an ambitious 1.5 degree target to limit global warming -- the Trudeau government promised a First Ministers meeting within 90 days. Marc Lee joins us to discuss the outcome of that meeting, the road ahead for climate policy in Canada, and the issue of fossil fuel divestment and "stranded assets." Marc Lee is a CCPA Senior Economist and Co-Director of the Climate Justice Project.
In an extended interview, Scott Sinclair discusses the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for the Canadian economy, jobs, and the dairy and auto sectors. Scott also breaks down the flawed assumptions of some economic modelling used to support the case for deals like the TPP. Scott Sinclair is the Director of the CCPA's Trade and Investment Research Project. CCPA's coverage of the TPP:
Canada has said it will sign on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new twelve-country international economic pact. But the corporate-driven TPP is about much more than “free trade”, and concerns are mounting.
Is the gender wage gap fundamentally about discrimination? What are the roles of race and class? We talk to Kate McInturff, CCPA senior researcher and director of the Centre’s Making Women Count project. Plus Davis and Alex debate voting reform and “apploitation.” Further reading: