International trade and investment, deep integration

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OTTAWA--The "Big Idea"--a bargain that would see Canada giving the U.S. a strong North American security perimeter and greater access to our energy resources in return for supposedly secure access to the U.S. market--threatens the space we need to pursue needed economic, environmental and social policies, according to a new CCPA study.
HALIFAX--A publication released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alterntives--Nova Scotia (CCPA-NS) concludes that it is time for the federal government to fulfil its mandate to protect the interests of all Canadians, and not just those of the oil and gas industry.
Halifax: A paper released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives--Nova Scotia concludes that the Cape Breton Community Employment and Innovation Project (CBCEIP), is less innovative than its title suggests and is an "experiment" unsuited for Cape Breton. According to the author of "Discovering the Cape Breton Experiment," the project provides no formal training opportunities and, more importantly, no sustainable jobs.
Malgré les assurances trompeuses des gouvernements, le système de santé du Canada n’est pas pleinement protégé contre les accords commerciaux internationaux, et notamment l’ALENA et l’OMC. Cependant, s’ils agissent sans tarder, les gouvernements du Canada peuvent encore renforcer l’assurance-maladie publique avant que les accords commerciaux ne rendent la réforme des services de santé trop coûteuse.