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Welcome to our complete catalogue of reports and studies (which includes backgrounders, policy briefs, full-length research reports and books). 

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Canada's military spending 2007-08

by Steven Staples, Bill Robinson
October 22, 2007 | National Office

Alberta and Nova Scotia

by Judy Haiven, Larry Haiven
October 18, 2007 | Nova Scotia Office

by John Loxley, Jim Silver, Kathleen Sexsmith
October 15, 2007 | Manitoba Office

CCPA- Manitoba Celebrates 10th Anniversary

by Dennis Lewycky
October 15, 2007 | Manitoba Office

Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement in Canada

by charles c. smith
October 11, 2007 | National Office

Laws that muzzle the disadvantaged violate human rights

by Arthur Schafer
September 27, 2007 | Manitoba Office

Regulating BC’s Oil and Gas Industry as if the Environment Mattered

by Ben Parfitt
September 25, 2007 | BC Office

The SPP Regulatory Framework Agreement and Its Impact on Chemicals Regulation

by Bruce Campbell
September 24, 2007 | National Office

Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

by Seth Klein, Marc Lee
September 21, 2007 | BC Office

Why it matters to them, and to us

by Arthur Schafer
September 20, 2007 | National Office

by Armine Yalnizyan
September 14, 2007 | National Office

A Closer Look at Aging, Technology and Other Cost Drivers in Canada’s Health Care System

by Marc Lee
September 13, 2007 | National Office, BC Office

by Fletcher Barager
September 13, 2007 | Manitoba Office

by Jim Harding
September 6, 2007 | Saskatchewan Office

by Noëlla Piquette-Tomei, Sonya Corbin Dwyer, Erika Norman, Evelyn McCaslin, Jody Burnet
September 6, 2007 | Saskatchewan Office