Saskatchewan Research Associates

The Saskatchewan Office works with a team of research associates. To find out more about becoming a research associate and publishing with CCPA-SK, read our short booklet.

To request media interviews or find out about public speakers, please contact:

Simon Enoch, Director
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Saskatchewan Office
Telephone: 306-924-3372 | Email: [email protected]

Brian Banks
Retired Educator, Former CCPA Saskatchewan Director
Research Interests: Income inequality, Poverty, Environmental sustainability.

David Campanella
Research Analyst, University of Toronto Faculty Association
Research Interests: Political Economy, Privatization.

Taylor Bendig
Research Officer, Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union (SGEU)
Research Interests: Privatization, Contracting out, Privacy and freedom of information

Mark Bigland-Pritchard, PhD (University of Sheffield)
Independent energy consultant/researcher, architectural physicist.
Research Interests: Energy and climate policy, Nuclear policy, Environmental assessment

Jason Demers, PhD (University of Toronto)
Research Interests: Prison policy; Race and incarceration; Incarceration and human rights; Prison privatization; Prison writing; Cultural representations of incarceration; Literature and social justice. 

Emily Eaton, PhD (University of Toronto)
Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Regina
Research Interests: Resource development policy and impacts, Saskatchewan's oil industry, Farmers and ranchers living amid oil, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, Carbon Capture at Boundary Dam, the corporate power of the carbon extractive industries in SK

James Gacek, PhD (University of Edinburgh)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Justice Studies at the University of Regina
Research Interests: (1) corrections and community justice; and (2) environmental crimes, harms and justice. He continues to extensively publish in sociological and criminological reviews, journals and international fora, particularly in areas of incarceration; genocidal carcerality; critical issues in media, justice, and security studies; the exploitation of human-animal relations; sex work, indecency and obscenity jurisprudence; and the broader politics of judicial reasoning.

Paul Gingrich
Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Social Studies, University of Regina
Research Interests: Income inequality, Poverty, Post-secondary education, Immigration and integration 

Joyce Green, PhD (University of Alberta)
Professor, Political Science, University of Regina
Research Interests: Canadian politics, Electoral reform, Colonialism and decolonization matters in Canada

Cathy Holtslander
Director of Research and Policy, National Farmers Union
Research Interests: Agricultural policy, with expertise in seed issues, Trade agreements, GMOs, Organic agriculture, Supply management, Climate change, Biodiversity, Agroecology.

Clare Polster, PhD (York University)
Associate Professor, Sociology and Social StudiesUniversity of Regina.
Research Interests: Higher education policy, University corporatization, The privatization of public knowledge; Strategies to revitalize public serving universities. 

Rick Sawa, PhD (University of Saskatchewan)
Retired Educator
Research Interests: Education, Trade, Water.

Priscilla Settee, PhD (University of Manitoba)
Associate Professor, Department of Indigenous Studies, Women and Gender Studies Program
Research Interests: Indigenous Foods, Food Sovereignty, Indigenous Women's Rights,  Impact of Globalization on Indigenous Peoples, Protection of Biodiversity, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Social Economies in Indigenous Communities 

Charles Smith, PhD (York University)
Associate Professor, Political Science, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan
Research Interests: Organized Labour and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Law, Politics and Collective Bargaining in Canada, Canadian Provincial Politics

Marc Spooner, PhD (University of Ottawa)
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Regina
Research Interests: Standardized testing and assessment, Post-secondary education and audit culture, Poverty and homelessness.

Cheryl Stadnichuk
Research Officer, CUPE Saskatchewan
Research Interests: Public health, Privatization, Public-Private Partnerships (P3).

Andrew Stevens, PhD (Queen's University)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration
University of Regina
Research Interests: Sociology of work, Labour studies, and Industrial relations 

Michelle Stewart, PhD (University of California, Davis)
Associate Professor, Justice Studies
University of Regina
Research Interests: Political and legal anthropology, Contemporary policing practices, Medical anthropology, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).