Inequality and poverty Reports & Studies

Welcome to our complete catalogue of reports and studies (which includes backgrounders, policy briefs, full-length research reports and books). 

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Wealth concentration in Canada since 1999

by David Macdonald
July 31, 2018 | National Office

The Experience of CED Practitioners

by Ian Hudson, Mark Hudson, Mara Fridell, Eduardo Regier
July 9, 2018 | Manitoba Office

by Seth Klein, Iglika Ivanova
July 3, 2018 | BC Office

by Christine Saulnier
June 25, 2018 | Nova Scotia Office

by Christine Saulnier
June 25, 2018 | Nova Scotia Office

by Natalia Hicks
June 20, 2018 | Nova Scotia Office

by Marina Puzyreva
June 13, 2018 | Manitoba Office

Low Income Families Left Behind

by Ian Hudson, Benita Cohen
June 6, 2018 | Manitoba Office

May 2018

edited by Lindsey Bertrand, Shannon Daub, Terra Poirier, Leo Yu
May 22, 2018 | BC Office

Calling on the City to Lead

May 2, 2018 | Manitoba Office

Making Paid Work Meet Basic Family Needs in Metro Vancouver

by Iglika Ivanova, Seth Klein, Tess Raithby
April 25, 2018 | BC Office

A Budget For the People

by CCPA - NS
March 19, 2018 | Nova Scotia Office

Ontario’s shifting college and university workforce

by Erika Shaker, Robin Shaban
February 8, 2018 | National Office

Theory, History, Policy and Practice

by Sara Wray Enns
January 11, 2018 | Manitoba Office