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The CCPA has calculated how much of COVID-19 spending has come from the federal government and how much has come from the provinces. Overall, 92 per cent ($343 billion) of COVID-19 direct spending initiatives, excluding liquidity and unallocated funds, came from the federal government––compared to eight per cent ($31 billion) from provincial governments.
The CCPA Monitor presents STATE INVADERS! Can you stop the next wave of trade lawsuits? Fight off real investor–state lawsuits from UPS, Chevron, Scotiabank and Shell in this twist on a classic arcade game, and find out more in the latest issue of the Monitor.
Photos from the CCPA-BC Seniors Project's sold-out forum with BC's Ombudsperson and new Seniors Advocate, which took place in February 2015. This all-day event was also an opportunity to strategize about how we can secure major improvements to fractured and inadequate services.
This interactive tool allows you to compare how much tuition fees have increased by province and by degree since 1975.